Places We've Lived


This is our first  rental apartment in Clark, NJ. 

Second floor - right. We moved in after our wedding, September 1967.

Rent was $128 per month. It is 1210-4 Lake Avenue in Hillcrest Village.



This is our second apartment, located at 445 Orchard Street in Cranford, NJ.

It was a unit on the left side of the first floor in the home of Gisela and Fred Knoepfel.



This is our first  owned house in New Jersey. 126 Virginia Street, Westfield.



Then we moved to a bigger house, also in Westfield at 745 Summit Avenue.



In 1975 we moved to 41 Main Street in Hampstead, New Hampshire.

The house was early 1700's vintage, and had been a roadside stop for the old stagecoaches, so we were told!



This is our family home in Jericho, Vermont.

We moved there in January, 1980 and moved out on June 30, 2010. 30+ years in VT!



In between Jericho and our next home, we rented a tiny (384 SF) 1 bedroom cottage in Wayland, MA.

It was located at 301 Concord Road.

It is the small building behind the main house in the picture below (click on photo for larger version).




We moved to Acton, MA in January 2011. This is our home at 27 Brewster Lane.

Front View



Rear View



Today, 2012, the above condominium is our home. We moved to Acton to downsize,

but more importantly to be near our grandsons John & Brendan,

and oh yeah, 3 of our 4 sons live in the Boston area!




In 1974, while still living in Westfield, NJ, we bought,

with money borrowed from my Dad & Mom (to come up with the down payment),

a ca. 1930 cottage at Ocean Point in East Boothbay, Maine.

Here it is, pictured below, as it was when we bought it.



Here's the house in Ocean Point, Maine in 1977.

We had a major renovation completed by the summer of 1978

which included a new septic system (note the difference in the front lawn!),

closing in the tiny front entry porch, opening up the second floor (twin dormers in the front

and a shed dormer across (most of) the back.

Perhaps the biggest difference was the deck.

This changed the way we spent our time at "Little Sehome",

the name given to the cottage by former owners.



...and here it is with the new siding and windows...

Some research still needed to determine the year of this work.



This is what our little OP cottage looks like today.




And this one goes back a bit further than the others.

Photo of ancestral home on Magheramayo Road in Castlewellan,

County Down, Northern Ireland, UK.

Picture taken in 1989. That is Mary Jane McGonegal in the photo.


The same house in October, 2011.

New owners and completely renovated (like new).

We believe it to be the home of one Michael McGonegal.

He would have been somewhere in this genealogical chain:

Thomas William (that is I), Philip Henry, John Robert, John Robert,...Michael McGonegal?