Today's a big day here at the "Late Show." Four hundred sixty-one citizens of Indianapolis will be arriving shortly to enjoy a two-day stay in New York, New York and to be Dave's audience for a special Indianapolis-themed broadcast tomorrow night. Yes, there's a certain electricity in the air...along with the unmistakable scent of fried bologna wafting through the hallowed halls of the "Late Show" production offices from Rupert Jee's Hello Deli.

As our faithful followers already know, we've been outside in front of the theater all week talking to folks who have come from all over the country to see our little horse-and-pony show in person. We're having fun testing their knowledge of Indiana (in anticipation of tomorrow's show) and quizzing them on their own states - all while cruelly teasing them with the promise of a fresh fried bologna sandwich if they can endure this pointless exercise. Today is no exception.

Name: Tish McGonegal
Hometown: Jericho, Vermont

Tish, what brings you to New York? Here for pleasure?
Yes, I'm just in for the day to visit my sister. We're on our way to lunch.

Have you stood in line for "Late Show" tickets before?
Back at NBC, I once stood in line beginning at 4:00am. After all that, Julian Lennon was the guest that night.

We feel your pain. Well, let's get right down to business. Indianapolis. What do you know of the city?
It's a very nice city.

Do you know the city's nickname?
(Brain strain)....Um, no.

It's the "circle city." Ever been to Indiana?
Yes, I've been through it on my way to Wisconsin.

Have any lingering impressions of the state and its people?
The people there are really nice, they have a really cute way of talking - they use broad "A's" when they talk.

What's the state motto of Indiana?
"Eat up them fried bologna sandwiches!"

Nice! Not even close, but we actually prefer that to the real thing, "The Crossroads of America." What's the origin of the name "Indiana"?
Something about of Indians?

Very close, and we'll give it to you. It's "land of Indians." Getting hungry for that sandwich yet? You're from Vermont. What's the capital of Vermont?

Correct. What's the state motto of Vermont?
The Green Mountain State.

Actually, that's the state nickname (the motto is "Vermont, Freedom, and Unity"), but we'll give it to you anyway. You must have worked up an appetite by now. Please enjoy a bite of Dave's favorite sandwich, the fried bologna. What do you think?
Not bad, which is a very Indiana thing to say. You can't get cold cuts like you can in the New York area.

Does it remind you of Dave Letterman in any way?
In that it's accessible to the average consumer, appealing to people no matter where they're from. Dave likes to project himself as a white bread kinda guy but I think if anything, he eats pumpernickel.

How would you rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 (five being the best)?
I'd give it a three. If it had better bread, I'd give it a higher rating.

Thanks, Tish, enjoy your stay in New York.
May I say hello to my sons Tom, Mike, Kevin, and Joe?

You just did. Tom, Mike, Kevin, Joe - be sure to point this out to all of your friends that mom said "hi" to you on the computer. On behalf ourselves and our friends in the Hoosier State, thanks for participating.

That's it for our stand-by audience taste tests this week. Tomorrow, we'll meet a real honest-to-goodness Midwesterner as someone from our special Indianapolis audience bites into Dave's fried bologna sandwich. Don't forget to tune into the "Late Show" tomorrow night when Dave welcomes his Indianapolis audience along with Rosie Perez, John Hiatt, and a special Indiana edition of Stupid Human Tricks.

Want to make your own fried bologna? Check out the recipe by Dave's Mom. If you have an idea for a sandwich you would like Rupert to sell in his store, submit your recipe to Rupert and he may pick yours. See you back in class tomorrow.