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Million Dollar Ideas

Winbond speech synthesis chip supports two languages


WAP Forum - Products Page
WAP browser @ : WAP Links, WAP E-Mail, WAP Newsletters, WAP Mobile Devices, WAP Shop and much more
Stop Selector


Airplane Home
Airplane Home . com
Jesse Martin - Sails around world
Max Hall - Homepage
How Stella Got Her Groove Back, The Atari 2600 VCSp Story


Benedictine Academy
CueCat Resources
Getting your CueCat declawed
FooCat BarCode: Digital Hemorrhoid


Domain Name, Trademark, and Competitive Intelligence services -- Home Page
PC World Online September 1998: Features - privacy - Going Private
Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour
MindPrint -- A Window to My Mind
NPG - Welcome to the Negative Population Growth Homepage - NPG
UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund
Systems Internals
Serbia Now! on-line | News
Russ Josephson's Home Page
First Cash Inventory Index
Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen
Matt's Script Archive
Red Rock Eater News Service
Made on a 19" Monitor, deal with it.
Inverse Reality
AOL NetMail 2.0
Catechism and Scriptures
Dinosaur Research Expeditions;Montana State University-Northern
The Burning Man Project - Official Site
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages: Adventure travel- Hiking, National Parks, Wilderness, Gear, Books, Tours and More
Firewall Error: Failed to connect
Space Imaging - Earth Information
Secrets of the Little Blue Box
U.S. Catholic: A message from Gen X Catholics
Kensington: Home
DVDigest - Main Page
Salaries - Insurance Companies
Smullyan: Planet Without Laughter
The E-Mail Protector Script
Linux Magazine | October 1999 | FEATURES | Uncultured Perl
Full Color Postcards - Ace Postcards
Copyleft:Geek Chic
Digital Digest
A1 Rubber Stamps Personalized Press - Custom rubber stamps and ink pads
London Travel Information Home Page
Paris Pages; Metro / RER / Bus
Welcome to !
Ramjac Data, wholesale mailing lists and telemarketing data. Subprime mortgage data, business lists, consumer lists, walk sequence lists.
WIS - Opt Out Form - Helping Businesses Find Customers
Considering Buying a Mailing List? Here's What You'll Need to Know | OpSail Maine 2000 Home
Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour
OLAP Services 9i Kit Installation - Most Current
Trillian - the ultimate chat program
WTC Photos 3 October 2001
Welcome to Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows: It's the future of Windows... today!
shoreline drive lyrics

Buying Home

Re-Max MLS Search
Yahoo! Business and Economy:Real Estate
Consumer Information Catalog - Housing
Welcome to Picket Fence Preview, For-Sale-by-Owner Real Estate
Town Online Real Estate
Mortgage Amortization Calculator
Welcome To LoanMax
Handyman USA - Expert Advice and help for do-it-yourselfers
Splash Page
Welcome to the world of Rolf Benz
IKEA United States
Kincaid Solid Wood Furniture
JPEG image 481x280 pixels
Southwestern, Scandinavian and Contemporary,Furniture: Custom Sofas and Sectionals by Creative Comfort

Cable Modem

Cable Modem University
LANCity Cable Modem Family
CNET features - techno - cable modems burn up the wires
AT&T Broadband Online Customer Support Center


Peracom - USB Serial Converter Driver Download Page
Power Link
Located Here are the files that you will need for installing the SURFboard software
3Com Upgrade Page
USBStuff OnLine Catalog USB Parts, Peripherals, Products, Accessories, USB Cameras, Monitors, Keyboards, USB Sound and Speakers, Printers, Interfaces, Hubs, USB Adaptors, Cables, USB Modems, Mice, ... more USB Stuff than anyone ...

Computer Hardware


DVD Insider Home Page
DVD Empire
DVD Digest - Main Page

PCs for Everyone!
PII-400 at PCs for Everyone
Gateway 2000
Dell Computer Corporation
PC Connection Online
Micron Electronics
NPC Computer
Micro Warehouse Inc.
CompUSA Online
U.S. Robotics
Welcome to Creative
ATI Technologies Inc. -World Leader in GRAPHICS ACCELERATION
Diamond Multimedia: Homepage
Matrox Graphics - Technical Support
Matrox Graphics
Computer Geeks-Welcome!!
Snapstream Media: Record TV, Watch Anytime, Anywhere.

Computer Software

Big Companies

Microsoft Corporation Home Page; Welcome to Microsoft
::: R-Tech Computers:::
Network Associates Inc. - Welcome to!
Welcome to Dr Solomon's On-Line


The GIMP Homepage
FreeBSD Inc.
Embarcadero Technologies Home Page
Caligari Products
Digital Leisure (Dragon's Lair)
JBuilder 2
Welcome to the MIT PGP Freeware Distribution
Cosmo Software
Symantec Visual Cafe products
MS Agent
Home of Jasc Software, Inc.
Paint Shop Pro Users Group Index and Information
Web Workshop - Microsoft Agent Home
Paint Shop Pro Users Group - Online Community
Welcome to WINAMP.COM | Home
Ulead Systems Innovative Multimedia Solutions


Welcome to TUCOWS
Welcome to the WinSite(tm) Archive!
32 Bit Download Center
DOWNLOAD.COM -- Most Popular in All Categories
Welcome to! The best 32-bit Shareware, Drivers, Tips, and Information on the Internet! for the PC - Most Popular software
CNET for the PC - Most Popular software
CWSApps - Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps List: Download Free Software Plus Freeware Shareware Software Reviews
Home of the Underdogs

Wine Development HQ
Larabie Fonts
QuinqSofts WebSite
The Useless Creations of Robert Bennett! - /Pub/Fonts/
[DIVIDE BY ZERO] Fonts : Free TrueType Fonts
Welcome to
DeLorme | Maps and Mapping Software
[FreeCode] - welcome to FreeCode, Free Programming Source Code
3DMeNow Home Page
Trillian - Communicate with Flexibility and Style.

Computer Games


Game Developer Magazine
Computer Gaming World
PC Gamer Online
Welcome to
loonygames: the best damn gaming magazine online


Nicky's Monster Truck Madness 2 Game Resource's
Spreker's Place
Welcome to MonsterTruckMadnessAssociation
MTM at Yeastman's Corner
Oliver Pieper's Monster Truck Madness Page
monsta truck madness
Terminal Reality - MTM
MTM Mayhem
Monster Truck Madness 2
Nicky's Monster Truck Madness Game Support
4x4 Evolution
Welcome to Tiki's Four Wheelin'

The Game Developer's Resourcium
Quake Developers Pages
Absolute Quake Files Archive
Quake2 Antics
Game Development Search Engine
POD Universe
ritual entertainment
S3 Incorporated
AeroFly - RC flight-simulator
Happy Puppy - It's all games
Stainless Steel Studios- Developer of Next Generation Real Time Strategy Games
Skyworks Technologies
Rocketsnail Games
Welcome to the LifeSavers Candystand
.// Dulux DVD
Blue's News: All the carnage... no messy cleanup.

Computer Info

Perl / PHP

Zend / Developers / Tutorials
PHP: Manual: PHP Manual


LZW and GIF explained
Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions


IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
3dfx Programming Secrets
the DirectX eXperience
The Computer Vision Homepage
Image of the Week Archives
OpenGL - High Performance 2D/3D Graphics
Ryan's OpenGL Page
InSight Developer Documentation All FiZz, No FiZzle. News for Graphics Dudes...
NeHe's OpenGL Tutorials
Index of /~pgerstma/class/vnv/examples


VB Online Magazine and Catalog
Welcome to PC World Online
Microsoft Systems Journal
Byte Online Home Page
PC Magazine Online
Visual C++ Developers Journal
Dr. Dobb's Web Site
Windows NT Magazine - NT Software & Hardware How-to Solutions & Reviews


Microsoft - Bill's Columns
Tor Lillqvist
Brad Templeton's Home Page
Don Knuth's Home Page
Cliff Stoll's home page
The Cheshire Catalyst - Cheshire's Home Page
declan mccullagh photographs -- updated 7 19 2000
Alvy Ray Smith - Home Page 8/8/00
Eli McIlveen
PGP Security - Phil Zimmermann
Acme Klein Bottle
Niels Ferguson home page


The Java Tutorial
Cool Visual Basic
PGP Frequently Asked Questions
Windows95 OSR2 FAQ
The VRML Repository
FAQ on IRQ's
DevX:The leading online information service for Visual Basic, Java, C++, Enterprise, and Internet developers
Jargon File Resources
FAQ on IRQ's

Cool VB - Library[DDE in Visual Basic]
Class Hierarchy
Spanky Other Fractal docs
Getting the Most from the Windows 95 Registry
Angelfire Communications
Burning a RedHat CD mini-HOWTO
CNET Features - Techno - Welcome to CNET!
Wired Magazine Archive
PGP User's Guide, Volume I: Essential Topics
Wired News
Boston Windows User Group
Tasty Bits from the Technology Front
Windows Cyberport
Visual Basic Explorer - A Place for the Novice VB Programmer
ZDNet News Page One
NPACI: A National Partnership
Top Stories from Wired News
May/June 00: TR Articles Online
The Village Voice: Features: Down By Law
HTML Resources
Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters
Tom's Hardware Guide
2600: The Hacker Quarterly
The Register - The Online Technology Resource!
HNN - H a c k e r N e w s N e t w o r k
My File Formats - The Programmer's File Format Collection Ogg Vorbis
Teach Yourself Visual C++® 5 in 24 Hours -- Table of Contents
Matrox Graphics - How do I do a thorough driver uninstall?
Apache Week. The essential free resource for users of the world's most popular web server.
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse

Computer Networks


45 MB Domain Web Hosting (YourName.Com) $8.25/mo. | Name your own web hosting prices!
9 Net Avenue -- Web Hosting Solution
YOUR-SITE Virtual Servers
Low cost web hosting @11NET: $6.99/mo virtual domain hosting,FrontPage hosting,secure server hosting.
HostmasterZ Quality, Affordable, Fast Internet Web Site Hosting
Hostway Web Hosting and E-Commerce Hosting - A Home for Your Web Site

Welcome to the InterNIC
9 N e t A v e n u e
FAQ Windows 95 Networking
Traceroute from to (
Yahoo! Computers and Internet:Software:Operating Systems:Windows:Windows 95:Networking
Networking Information
Bob Cerelli's Windows95 and Windows98 Page
Web Interface to Whois
Network Solutions
Sniffing (network wiretap, sniffer) FAQ
WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center
ICANN | Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy
Netcraft - What's that site running?
Bob Cerelli's Windows Page
WHOIS | VeriSign

Other Techy

Planetary Fact Sheets
Global Land Information System
EROS home page
Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page (UK)
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Main Table of Contents (ToC)
U.S. Trademark Boolean Search Page
History of Mathematics
Scientific American


Religious Ed

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
Catholic Church and Birth Control
U.S. Catholic: A message from Gen X Catholics
Card. O'Connor's Pastoral Letter on the Mass
American Bible Society - Home
Bible: Revised Standard Version
Bible Gateway - Search the Bible in Nine Languages and Multiple Bible Versions - Vatican says pope plans historic apology for sins of Catholics - March 7, 2000
Catholic Online Saints & Angels

Index of /~kevinmcgonegal
Brendan at LSU
Brendan at AOL
National Writing Project in Vermont
New England Target
David Blood - Riddle Me These!
Message Board Entries statistics
Max Hall - Homepage
Brendan's Common House
Welcome to the McGonegal family home page!
Rush for Results - alternate access
Mike Rush - Rush for Results
Jim's Big Ego! Tom's Unofficial Fan Page
Planets West -
Kate Alter @
Catherine Salomone
Tom's House
Planets West - Official - alternate access
Are YOU a WebSitePerson?
Ron Falcon - City Pages: Fall Out
Live JenniStream -- Introduction
Jim Doehner - Dave Matthews Band Page
Test Page
Photo Album
Test Page
Catherine Salomone
Ireland Pictures
WebSitePerson Family Forum - Index
Index of /~lmcmi7sd/
Tom's Home Page, Right Here On My Own PC
YaBB - Joe's school
MindPrint -- A Window into My Mind
YaBB - Mom's school - Alternate access
Test Page


Yahoo! Finance - My stocks
Yahoo! Finance - My funds
American Century Investments
Prudential Mutual Funds
Fidelity Investments Mutual Funds
Scudder No-load Mutual Funds
Get on to HomeLink
Yahoo! Finance - (4) AMZN ... YHOO
Yahoo! Finance - (4) GPS ... DIMD
A.C. Ultra top 10 components
AST StockPlan: Welcome
Get on to HomeLink
Yahoo! Finance - (7) KLAC ... YHOO
Fleet HomeLink Login
Yahoo! Canada Finance - (5) KLAC ... BEAR


Zero Population Growth


Salon Brilliant Careers | David Letterman
The Dave Cave
DDY's Late Show Fan Page
Marilyn's Pathetic Page
Tom Yang
Bill's David Letterman Page - Updated for the Millennium!
Worldwide Pants
Marilyn's Pathetic Page


Sony Theaters Boston
General Cinemas Boston
West Newton Cinema
Kendall Square Cinema / Going Out/Arts / Movies / A&E / Movies
Landmark - Boston

Star Wars: Welcome to the Official Web Site
New TF.N summer look
TicketWeb: Northern California: Events
National Conference of Catholic Bishops/United States Catholic Conference
Delta SkyLinks
Web Cam Gallery
Russian Space Agency
LATMS - Kev's school
Berkeley's Teacher Led Technology Challenge
Anglicans Online
FBI Interesting Personalities
U.S. Barque Eagle
Porsche A.G.
Rensport Porsche Repair
MapQuest Services!
Omniglow Corporation - Light sticks
The Spirit of Christmas: Official Distribution Site
Nash Bridges Home Page
CBS - Late Show with David Letterman
Office of Solid Waste
eBay - Your Personal Trading Community
CBS | Late Show with David Letterman
Wool Works: the online knitting compendium
The Complete WWW Porsche Home
The Complete WWW Porsche Home
Coast Guard Eagle
Mark Harden's Artchive
The Abbey Road Café
Macromedia - Director 8 Shockwave Studio - Product Info
Welcome to the ultimate bad movie awards site
Nautical Software, Inc. - Daily Predictions
Alibris - Books you thought you'd never find.
The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn Lighting
The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation - the world's largest source of out-of-print books!
The Microsoft Agent Web Ring
Delphion Intellectual Property Network - Search patents of the world
Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division - dihydrogen monoxide info
Jake Johannsen - Comedian, Actor, HBO Specialist
Yahoo! GeoCities - Sites Statistics
Late Show with David Letterman : Wahoo Gazette
The Construction Site™ Purchase Circles
Welcome To Jeff
Wallace and Gromit
The Gamble House by Greene and Greene, Pasadena California
Tom Yang's Ferrari Restoration
Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy



TerraServer Homepage
TerraServer - Newton
TerraServer - Newark
TerraServer - Pierpont, NY
TerraServer - Allston
TerraServer - Waltham - Oracle
TerraServer - Wayland - Tom's House
TerraServer - Ocean Point
TerraServer - New England
TerraServer - Boston
Janet and Matt?
Washington Square Park
TerraServer - Ocean Point - Photo
TerraServer - Boothbay Harbor
Camp David?
TerraServer - Wiscasset
TerraServer - Weston MA
MIT Digital Ortho - Wayland
MIT Digital Ortho - Waltham
TerraServer - Concord, NH
TerraServer - Brendan's house
TerraServer - Oracle HQ
TerraServer - Field of Dreams
Terraserver - Oracle Burlington
TerraServer - Joe's place - W.Rox
TerraServer - Kev's place - Central Sq

CNN Interactive
BBC News
Boothbay Register
The Late Night TV Page
WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen
AltaVista: Translations
PCL Map Collection
Check Flight Time
GIST TV Listings Guide
Ask Alice - Medical Advice
Reverse Lookup - InfoSpace - The ability utility
Environmental Science Supersite
National Institute of Standards and Technology
The Internet Movie Database
NANPA: North American Numbering Plan Administration - Lockheed Martin Corporation
Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates
The Late Night TV Page
Ask Jeeves!
NOAA Home Page Main Page
Yahoo! Search Results
The Onion | America's Finest News Source
Amazing Map Collections - MAPS.COM
About MAGELLAN Geographix
Press Herald Online, Portland, Maine
Internet FAQ Consortium
The United States General Accounting Office
AltaVista Translations
Reverse Lookup - InfoSpace


Liz Phair

Mesmerizing - Another Liz Phair Website
I Spy a May Queen
I Spy a May Queen


Jim's Big Ego
Gravity - by JBE people
Matt Cohen's RARB Bio
Halloween 99 : MP3s Music to Independent Artists' Ears
NPR's All Things Considered: The Changing Face of America


Announcement's TMBG Page
Steve's TMBG Bootlegs
We Might Be Giants, Too
EFnet #TMBG Home Page
They Might Be Giants - Better Living through Better Music
They Might Be Giants - Better Living through Better Music
TDK's They Might Be Giants page
They Might Be Giants Visual Discography
They Might Be Giants!
Wompedy TMBG Website
They Might Be Giants - News
Pop-Culture-Corn: Music: TMBG Interview
TMBG - German MP3s
They Might Be Giants (Unofficially)
Index of /dial/sound
TMBG - Better Living --- Better Music
They Might Be Giants - Better Living through Better Music
Feature - The ChickStars Interview: They Might Be Giants' John Linnell
G I G A N T I C (A Tale of Two Johns) | A movie about They Might Be Giants

The Breeders
The Sleater-Kinney Media Empire
Pavement Online Archive
Welcome To Midnight Oil
The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Web Site
The Wedding Present
Donnas - Official
the Jusagroove house of Funk!
[zola turn]
Harmony Central®: Guitar: Tablature
Jukebox - Cool music files
Middle East Club
Next Ticketing
Music Global Networks
Tourdate Inquiry
Audiofind - Multimedia Search Engine
Rockpalast Homepage Discover new music, Download Songs, Buy CDs | HOME
The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
ASCAP's Art & Commerce Cafe : welcome!
James Kochalka Superstar
Elektra Records: Natalie Merchant (
The Zambonis
MTV Online: 120 Minutes
Lookout Records - Bands
The Su Napa Site
Zola Turn - Message Board
project elasticated
the menace - elastica
kelley deal
! The MockingBirds! Page of Power/Pop/Country/Punk and RealAudio, with a political twist melting it all together
Sunnymead Archives: Zola Turn
Yahoo! Clubs zolaturnfanselfhelpmeetings
Yahoo! Groups : bigego
Matt Newberg - Cedarhawk Music - -
Yahoo! Groups : mockingbirds
zola turn
BIG HEAVY WORLD Burlington, Vermont USA
Noelle the Band, Waltham, Massachusetts
Capital City
Big Heavy World Netconcerts
Cellars | Not just hanging out
Queen Tangerine
Helicopter helicopter home


New Hampshire

WEBSTER: The New Hampshire State Government Online Information Center
Conval School District | Contoocook Valley, Peterborough NH Schools
The Currier Gallery of Art


Tindal & Callahan Real Estate - BBH
Ocean Point Inn
Boothbay Harbor
Bar Harbor - Nova Scotia ferry
Northumberland Ferries Ltd. and Bay Ferries Ltd.
Cottage Connection of Maine, Inc. Rental Cottages, Mid-coast, Boothbay Harbor
Colburn Realty - Boothbay Harbor, Maine - Mark Stimson Real Estate Network
Welcome to Boothbay Harbor, Maine!
Bath Iron Works
Monhegan Island, Maine
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Ornes Candy Store >> Home
The Boston Phoenix
CNN - Weather - Newton, MA
Official website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
NewNewton Home Page
Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce
Boston's Neighborhoods
Harvard University
The Harvard Divinity School
MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
The Computer Museum
Museum of Transportation
Red Sox Schedule: June 1998
Welcome to MediaOne Express
MediaOne Express: Our Services
MediaOne Express: At Home
Welcome to Media One Express
Burlington Free Press Online Services
The Burren
Jack's Joke Shop
Welcome to BankBoston
Minuteman Library Network Home Users' Home Page
Newton Town Online
Get on to HomeLink
Club Passim Home Page
Museum of Science, Boston
MediaOne - Offnet
The Media Laboratory
League for Programming Freedom (LPF)
Official website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Red Bones Barbeque
Mary Immaculate
Town of Wayland Website
MIT + MassGIS Digital Orthophoto Project / A&E / Music
Wayland Board of Health
Brew Moon Restaurant: A award winning restaurant and microbrewery
Wolf, Wolves, Wolf Hollow, Ipswich, Massachusetts
Get on to HomeLink
Saint Ann's Parish in Wayland, MA
Comedy Connection - Faneuil Hall
Sandy Burr Country Club - Boston
Rice Memorial
Molly Bish
Yahoo! Yellow Pages
Discover Newbury Street
Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau
New England Aquarium - Weather - Natick, MA
Bay State Motor Sports
T.T. The Bear's Official Site
The University of Vermont : Engaging minds that change the world : Web Cam
Boston Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
St. Zepherin Church Home Page
Sudbury Valley Trustees
Save the Hannah Williams Playground
The Middle East Restaurant & Night Club
The Lowell Sun
The University of Vermont: Campus Architecture & Online Tours : Web Cam
craigslist: boston online community
Wayland Police
T.T. the Bear's Place
UVM GreenCam
United We Stand
Bay Circuit Trail and Greenway
Cambridge Public Schools - The Haggerty School
Sabina Doyle
House of Blues Cambridge :
Welcome to the Bills Bar Website!
SuperSounds / Vermont Mobile Disc Jockeys
Wayland History - Focus on Scouting
Saint Michael's College - A Catholic liberal arts college, located in the Burlington area of Vermont.

Yahoo! News - Image Gallery
Yahoo! TV
Yahoo! TV - Listings
Image Surfer Category List
Deja News
[ welcome to ROAD RUNNER ]
My AltaVista
Lycos: Your Personal Internet Guide
Google Groups