Ocean Point Aerial Photos
15 July 1998

Several years ago, around my birthday, I visited the Wiscasset Airport and saw a sign offering scenic flights around the region for $50(!) and I was even able to bring two friends. Instead of the normal scenic flight, we circled Ocean Point and took pictures.

Boothbay Harbor

Squirrel Island

Boothbay Harbor, west side

Negro Island and Ocean Point

Van Horn Road, The Villa

Negro Island from the north

Route 96 and Van Horn Road

Grimes Cove

Green Island

Seascape Drive

First and Spring

South end of Negro Island

Ocean Point Inn

Ocean Point woods


Shore and Second

Casino and ballfield


Shore Road and Grimes Ave


Johnson construction


Ocean Point from the east

From the south

Maine Yankee

High Street

High Street 2

Grimes Cove 2

Three Trees

Green Island 2

First and Spring 2

OP from the South 2

Newbert Corner

Green Island, Ocean Point