February 2012

Flat Stanley came to visit

We brought him to Olive Garden

Brendan plays iPod Touch

Playing with Grandpa Ken

Stanley and Brendan...

...and John...

...at the Weston Playground

Hi guys!

John rides his "old" bike

Did you know that America's largest
train store is in Malden MA?

They have a nice glassed-in display...

...a G-scale "U.P. Big Boy"...

...and just a LOT of other stuff.

Visiting Grammie and Grandpa...

...for dinner and dessert.

Exploring a Wayland conservation area

Rock climbing / moss destruction

Anything to make John smile at the camera!

Poking at the stream with sticks

Fun for all ages

Visiting Mommy's office on Presidents' Day

And her office elevator!

Then out to lunch near the T's Green Line

Brendan likes his hot dogs!