August 2013

Southport - visiting Oliver's

John and Bren in the Steanes' pool

John learned to swim this summer!

..even in the deep end.

My goofy boys.

Bike riding with Jillian

Visiting Grandpa Ken

Katie Cat poses for a picture

Visiting Mike at UVM (sort of)

I think I took economics in there

Visiting Al's French Frys

Out with the boys!

The old BBH abandoned ships

Old fishing boat in Boothbay Harbor

Some fishing with the boys...

A seal on Seal Rocks

Fun angle on Ram Island

Who's that?

John learned to ride this summer, too!

But still can't make a basket.

John and Bren play on "ramp rocks."

Making rivers, etc.

Home from a boat ride

The Southport bridge has a curved edge...

...because it rotates open...

...and the boys were excited to watch.

1982 OP column by Nancy Yerrall

Making dams at Grimes Cove

Lighting sparklers...

...which are now made with wood sticks.

"Monkey C Monkey Do" ropes course

The boys ready to do the zip line...

...and ready to do it again.

Brendan steps right off

Bren and Daddy zipping

Dinner at Kaler's, BBH

Bikes handed down by some friends

John likes his new larger bike!

Sunset walk with the folks

Cute Bren

And Brendan is learning too!

John steers the boat
Ready to be picked up at Ram