March 2014

Boston Public Library reading room

The boys prepare to work on some cheesecake

John and the Prudential Center

Lexa and I met at Dillon's
when it was called Bar Code

John and Katie

Visiting Licorice across the street

Lexa feeds the birds

Walking at Broadmoor with Mommy...

...and Daddy! The love me,
but won't be photographed with me.

The boys find some smiles

I think Bren was "sailing a ship"

Drumlin Farm's lambs...

...and one of their "eggmobiles"

Pinewood Derby - John's car does well!

Lots of competition in the older boys' group...

Brendan got to race too

But John took first place for the Tiger scouts!

And Bren does a good "not impressed" face

Out to dinner with Morgan and
(not pictured) Nicole